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SIGHTS: Tashkent


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Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan. At present it is the biggest industrial cultural and political center in Central Asia. Present-day Tashkent is very attractive Oriental city. The architecture of Tashkent is unique. Hospitality of Tashkent people is amazing. Tashkent is over 2000 years old. It grew form a small ancient settlement to the biggest Central Asian city. History of Tashkent full of periods of rise and decline is most interesting for travelers.


Kukeldash Medressa (Complex Hazrat-Imam)
This magnificent medressa of the 16th century a.d., which is restored. It has a rectangular courtyard. After independence the medressa started to function as an Islamic ideological seminary. There is a tiny mosque (15th c.) inside to the left near entrance. Next to medressa is a giant restored mosque named after Hoji Akhror Valiy - an outstanding religious scholer.

Barak Khan Medressa
Built in the 16th century a.d. Today muslim religious board of Uzbekistan sits in Barak Khan Medressa. Tilla Sheikh Mosque is next to medressa Imam Al-Bukhari. Mausoleum the most outstanding of Islamic scholar of the 10th c. a.d. Muhammad Abu Bakr Kaffol Shoshiy is located opposite the medressa. Kaffal Shoshi brought from Bagdad the original of Koran (written on elk skin) and now it is in the library of Tilla Sheikh Mosque.



Abul Kassim Medressa
This medressa is next to "Oliy Majlis" (uzbek Legislative Body). For the time being it is a craft center and is open from 9 am to 6 pm. Many craftsmen are exhibiting their works in cellars, here you can see how artisans are manufacturing pieces of art. In addition it isa good place for shopping too.



Uzbek State Museum of Timurides Dynasty (Tamerlane Museum)
Amir Timur Museum is one of newly built museums in Tashkent (1996). Marvelous architecture, gorgeous interior and rare displays of the museum produce a vivid impression for visitors and guests. The museum was devoted to 660th anniversary of birthday of Amir Timur, Emperor of 14th c a.d., the founder of Movaraunnahr Empire. The museum collection mainly consists of ancient manuscripts, paintings and engravings of the 14th c. a.d.

Oliy Majlis (Legislative Body)
Was built in 1997. New architectural technics. Oliy Majlis is the Legislative Body of Uzbekistan run by chairman Erkin Halilov.

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